Roleplayer Of The Week Adrianna Blackrayne
Posted On: 09-21-2020 1:59:14

The war between witches and demons unfold ( Antigones reply ) Adrianna had felt the glare the witch was giving her. " So your the one who claims to have proof on my sister. What proof do you have may I ask. " She said as she pulled out a small dagger from the boot she was wearing. Trying to keep her cool. Not only because of her sister Rosaleen. But also with her dear friend gage. He would be angry with her since she had confronted Antigone. No one had known what she was doing. Or going for that matter. She watched Antigone like a hawk. She couldn't stand most witches. The two species hated each other for centuries. She had felt as if a icy glare was upon her. " You know why I called upon you. I couldn't believe it took me this long to find you. " She said with a small hiss from her throat " Rosaleen has been in my family since she was adopted in. Per say you can say she was one of us. Even though she is a witch at heart. She was raised with me until her adulthood. She's still my sister. Do you dare refuse that?" She let out a low growl. She was prepared on what Antigone would do. She knew they were blood. But that didn't matter with Adrianna. " Where were you when she was young. Don't give me we were separated at birth. When I found her. She had no one. " She said to her. Getting up from the chair she was sitting in. " I've read upon your history and what you did with my kind. To say the least it doesn't scare me. Not one bit. " Adrianna was getting ancy with this witch in the room. She was almost getting uncomfortable. "Maybe I should have asked my brother Gage to come along. " She mumbled to herself. She kept her red hues on Antigone. She didn't take them off. But she was ready no matter what she threw at her. She couldn't help but glare back. " Why do you witches hate us demons anyways. What did we do to you?" She asked in a curious tone. " If we harmed any of your family I would have known about it. I'm the goddess of hell. All demons are in my domain. They do as I say. " she let out another low growl from her lips. " You witches have been trying to kill my kind for centuries. you do know since I had become goddess. Your powers are useless to me. You can try. It only may leave a scratch " She laughed evilly. She knew that the witch couldn't harm her in anyway. She had ways of keeping the witch at bay. She would be ready for what Antigone had in store for her. Knowing that she had to make sure no one came in or out. Snapping her fingers she bolted down the room. The room still in darkness. Her catlike eyes now turned golden. " There no one will be escaping anytime soon. If it is war you want Antigone. War you will get my dear. Although I wont be on the battle field my minions will be. " She smiled as she had watched Andrew demons arise from the underworld. Laughing a bit. " So have you come to make a deal or die?"