Realm Terms Of Service
Posted On: 01-05-2020 5:44:12


YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN THIS SITE. We will not be held accountable for underage writers that sneak on and sign up.


Currently protected playbys belong to the mentioned characters owned by admins. Gage (Gerard Way), Aelia (Caitlin Stasey), Cerebrum (Genei Wo Kakeru Taiyou), Tony (Robert Downey, Jr.), Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow), Caleb (Steven Strait). The mentioned actors/playbys are protected playbys for admin purposes. ------

Please be sure to add all the Owners, Admins and the Realm Guardians of the site to your friend list: Gage; Aelia; Tony; Pepper; Caleb; and Cerebrum. They are not here to spy, but to help if needed.

As far as issues are concerned, all concerns or suggestions must be sent to the admin page. Admins will NOT under any circumstance handle any issues or complaints brought to their personal profile pages. This means don’t go to Gage or Aelia and inbox them your conflicts and expect them to take care of it. Any and all issues with site or other members will be addressed from the Admin page. If you are having an issue with another writer, you must first bring it to your designated kingdom leader to handle, if they cannot or they are the issue then you may go above them or they may come to the owners and admins for resolution. This will not mean that hearsay will be accepted. You must provide proof such as screenshots of conversations or evidence to support your claim. From there the owners and admins will act and the party who came forward will not need to fear retaliation. Actions admins and owners may take can be as severe as IP Banning of those who have caused issues among other writers. We have a zero tolerance for drama and out of character bullying. That means one strike against you can lead to sever repercussions from the owners and admins. We want this to be a haven for our writers, we are a family and we expect everyone to be treated with respect. You may not agree with their character or something they have written but you must respect their creativity and their work.

Playbys: ------ This seems to be an issue on other sites. On Realm of Order Roleplay, we do not care how many of your playby exist. Meaning, do not come to us just because someone has made a profile with the playby you have chosen. We will not, however tolerate malicious intent. You must have 100% proof that someone has stolen your pictures, name, etc. Screen caps must be sent to the admin page with undeniable proof that the writer has stolen your artwork i.e. pictures. This will not be tolerated. If malicious intent is proven the admins will take action.

Drama: ------ No OOC ranting is tolerated. This will get you banned from the site. You cannot call another role player out in stats unless it is an in-character role play. It needs to be accepted by both parties. For example, wars fought between kingdoms. Personal attacks upon anyone will not be tolerated, period. Do not rant in a sneaky fashion either (also referred to as under-the-table drama). We will take immediate action if this occurs. We are determined to keep Realm of Order Roleplay a fun drama free zone. Leave the drama for other sites.------

Nudity and Sexual Acts: ------ This will not be tolerated in the stream, period. No one wants to read that. No sexual body parts (genitals) can be shown. The buttocks and cleavage are fine. Breast pictures, if the pictures are classy, can be used in the profile layout if your profile is private, but still not allowed as a default picture. Keep all sexual acts in messages privately. If you wish to use sexual pictures, they must be used in messages only. We do not want to see it plastered upon profiles. It is tacky and unwarranted. We did not design Realm of Order Roleplay as a sex site. If you wish to keep a private album of more risqué photos, that is fine. Make sure it is not displayed as an album cover. Please, we cannot express this enough, keep it tasteful in the stream and in comments.------

Real life AKA Out Of Character: ------ This is not Facebook. No one wants to read about your personal issues, what you ate for dinner, etc. Message your friends on here if you need to talk. The status stream is for having fun and for stories to be shared. If all you want to do is complain about your real life, please do so on your Facebook account. Here is not the place. This is very important to keeping Realm of Order Roleplay a fun place to be. If you need to talk to anyone, message or comment their profile but do not put it on their stream or interrupt a roleplay with out of character problems. We are here to help in any way we can, but the stream is not an appropriate place to broadcast things like that. There are exceptions to this rule, such as a death in your family, work schedules, prayers for people, be back later, things like that. Use your judgment.------

Profiles: ------ Must be unique. You may not copycat someone's profile. Be original and have fun making your profile. Myspace 1.0 profiles work on our site. Canon characters understandably will have similarities. However, you can still get creative with your profile. This does not mean a layout is required as we understand that some people can’t do the coding. What we mean here is stealing someone else’s character and story from their profile. If this is done the original owner of that character and story can and is encouraged to report to the admins and owners, with proof of theft, and the owners and admins will act accordingly. This means you will receive a warning to change the character or profile, or as a last resort, you will be banned. This will not be done; however, without significant proof that the work and/or character have been copied or stolen. Screenshots are your best friend in ensuring your concerns can be addressed with appropriate action and ensure that no one is being treated unfairly.------

Animal porn or bestiality, Incest related RP: ------ These are not allowed in the public stream. If you have an animal character, use your discretion. Again, keep it out of the stream. Your messages are your private area, we will NEVER under any condition punish someone for using their messages for intimate private roleplay (harassment, however, is a different matter and will be handled the same way as bullying.) We can’t see anyone’s messages anyway. They are your private domain. Do Not publish Incest on your profile, in your headline, on your doorknocker, etc. No one wants to see that. It is not allowed, period. All these items will be handled swiftly with a site ban.

Posting videos: ------ It is great to express yourself with a video. Keep in mind - If you must ask yourself will the video offend anyone? - most likely it will. Go with your instincts on this. We are a respectable site and wish to remain so. Be tasteful with the videos you share. Language in the video is not the issue. Again, it is sexual content, and anything deemed to be offensive to someone else. We also ask that should you wish to share a video on the stream that you DO NOT SHARE IT with an auto-play coding attached to it. We do not wish to be blasted on the main page by music we may or may not wish to listen to. Those responsible for doing this intentionally will be in violation to these terms of service and action can and will be taken. Up to and including IP Ban.------

Role-playing: ------ Refers to the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. You are playing a character. Have fun with your writing - be creative. Plagiarism, however, is not allowed on Realm of Order Roleplay. If you give credit to the original writer then it is fine to post, for example, a quote or poem. Please give the original writer their credit by placing their name underneath of the words.------

Cyber bulling: ------ Is not allowed on Realm of Order Roleplay. It is illegal. If you are found to be harassing someone, you will be kicked off the site permanently. Also, you could have charges pressed upon you by the victim and Realm of Order Roleplay owners.------

Cyber bullying means: ------ To bully someone online by sending or posting mean, hurtful, or intimidating messages and statuses, intentionally or even unintentionally. Usually this is done anonymously. However, we have witnessed this behavior on other sites. It is not allowed here, period. This will lead to an automatic ban of your IP. WE DO NOT TOLERATE THIS.------