Roleplayer Of The Week Adrianna Blackrayne
Posted On: 05-29-2021 12:10:23

Love Eternally ( The demoness goes to the dark Prince.)

Adrianna had a very strong feeling that something was happening to Antigone. Adrianna had deep feelings about the Dark Prince, deep inside of her mind. Adrianna's family were mostly demons. The Blackrayne's were hated with a passion by almost everyone. Her family were disliked by most of the Realms. The Blackrayne family captured and devoured souls. This was despicable to many people in different kingdoms. Especially by most of the realms. Adrianna had a sense of what was happening to Antigone, Good or bad, Adrianna was ready to fight Morrison, if it were needed. No fear dwelled within her. Adrianna would go find that Prick, then discuss with him, just exactly was going on.

Adrianna had wrote a small note. Knowing she couldn't get a message out to Antigone. She was no where to be found. She wrote.
"My Dearest sister Rosa,
Just letting you know I shall return home hopefully soon. Please for now if anything happens. Know that I am glad for you to be my sister, "
Placing the small paper into an envelope and sealed it. She laid it on her pillow. As she walked out the door. She had noticed the darkness finally arose. " Time to play." She thought to herself as she let out a small laugh." Morrison I am coming for you. Do you hear me." She said to herself, Hopefully it'll channel through to his mind. She knew it would be a long journey but souls she could devour in her travels.

It had felt like days that she had been traveling. Finally. Watching two scatter and fight over money. " Hmm this must be Greed. " She said to herself. Looking at the Gentleman and chuckled. " You know I Can help you out if needed be. Just do me a favor. Give me your souls." She said to them. The one agreed. Taking his soul she looked at the other. " Well your turn." Adrianna said to him chuckling. I need it now to continue." He nodded, Adrianna swiped his soul from him. She knew that she would take the other soul. From him either which way.

Feeling the need to travel more. Adrianna had knew Gage would want her to find him the right way. And hunt him down. She was doing this for her sister Gage and Antigone. She had to know why her family was targeted, If no one wasn't going to protect them who would. She had noticed the town that she was headed to was a very lustful town. Making love and getting your every desires filled. " Hmmm. I must be at the second circle by now." She thought to herself. Demons didn't need rest. She was hungry. She had no time to waste getting to Morrison once and for all. Having all the things she needed to defeat him if possible.

Adrianna felt something different in this area. She watched all the people here making out or making love what the humans called it. Also so much wine and food she couldn't believe her eyes. " Killing two birds with one stone. " She chuckled to herself. " Gluttony and The circle of Carnality. She thought to herself for a moment. Hopefully I am getting closer to him. I could almost feel the dark prince at my grasp." She watched every one closely as someone brought her a blood wyne. " Here ya go my dear. Drink this. This will make you feel merry and gay." The old beggar looked at Adrianna. " Please mam. What do you desire. There must be something." She said to her.

" Oh there is. " Adrianna spoke firmly." I desire souls. And need them for my journey." Souls hmmm. That's an odd request. " Adrianna shook her head at the old beggar and went on. Her power became much more stronger in the full area that she was in. She had to get out of this one quickly. The fourth circle is the circle of Paramountcy, She thought to herself. " I must be getting closer. "

Adrianna had traveled a few more days. Thinking to herself. " I Know I can defeat the asshole if needed be. He will not like me once I get ahold of him." She thought to herself. This must be the thought of pride talking. " I must be in the fifth circle by now I hope. I have this i got this. Gage and Rosa are counting on me. Morrison needs to leave them and Antigone alone. Or it'll be his head. " She thought to herself. She let out a low growl of frustration. " I could feel this arrogant asshole near. He's going to have a piece of my mind." She said as she kept moving through. Adrianna had to get to the last one right now she was in The penultimate circle is the circle of Vainglory. She had felt it in every which way. She had to keep moving. The last and final circle. Her skin burned. She knew it felt as if it was heaven. She couldn't be in this area. She had to move quickly. Her body felt like it was on fire. But nothing was scorching. She looked around.

" So this is what heaven is. " Adrianna said to herself. Trying not to get sick. Adrianna looked around once more." Damn it. My eyes are burning. Like their on fire." She said to herself. " I have to push through this This will not kill me," She said as she pushed through once more." I Can feel him at my fingertips. " MORRISON YOU ASSHOLE COME AND FACE ME NOW." She yelled pushing her way out.

Adrianna knew that this would be the time where she faced the Dark Prince alone. That she didn't care if this would kill her. Adrianna couldn't be easily killed. Making her way to Morrison and Antigone. Seeing them face to face." There you are you insolent asshole. What the hell is your damn problem. Why are you questioning Antigone for one. Hasn't she brought you enough information about my family. I am here now. What the hell is it you want from Rosaleen and I. She is my sister. Maybe not by blood but by trust and devotion she had. Which is why I adopted her into my family.

So tell me now. Morrison. Or you will have my fucking blade through you. You weren't that hard to find. " Adrianna said to him.